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Top 5 Best Mobile Phones in Pakistan

Top 5 mobile phones in pakistan

A mobile phone is a necessary part of everyone’s life. Day to day life activities are carried out by using smartphones e.g Use of Social Media, Phone calls, Messaging, setting alarms, and many other excellent features.

Smartphone importance in Pakistan increasing rapidly in this modern era. According to PTA, the android mobile phone subscribers in Pakistan have crossed the number of 153 Million. With the advent of time, Smartphones come with latest technology, eye-catching features and made their place in Pakistani Market.

In this article, we will highlight the top 5 best and reliable mobile phone brands in Pakistan   

1: Samsung

In best mobile phone brand category, Samsung ranked as No.1 bestselling smartphone in Pakistan. It makes no compromise in the quality of their products. It covers almost every area of the price-range market and becomes successful in putting the stamp of quality and reliable smartphone brand in Pakistan. The Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime Plus is the cheapest mobile among all their products and Samsung S10 plus is an expensive phone in the Samsung smartphone category.  Samsung launches a different series.

  • Samsung S series
  • Samsung J series
  • Samsung A series
  • Samsung Note series

Samsung S series hit the mobile market with its every new handset. Its Note features like camera, lightening speed are very lucrative and attractive. Samsung is the most reliable and best-selling smartphone in Pakistan. It’s market share in Pakistan is 33.13% and currently leading the mobile market of Pakistan.

2: IPhone

iPhone is the best mobile selling brand in the world but in Pakistan it comes on the second number. No person ever doubt the quality of iPhone and its features. The market share of the iPhone is just 5% because it is not easily available in Pakistan. It is imported from foreign countries. Currently, the iPhone 11 pro max is one of the expensive phones in Pakistan. iPhone with it’s latest technology and great outlook attracts the customers. iPhone is best in its quality with amazing camera results and has a great re-sell value in Pakistani Market. 

3: Huawei

Huawei is the Chinese mobile selling brand that slowly captures the Pakistani mobile market in the early stages of its launch but with the advent of time, it shakes the mobile market with its superb features. They launched the first 5G enabled mobile. Their mobiles always equipped with the latest technology. Its Y-Series is one of the best mobile series of Huawei. It puts an end to many mobile brands in Pakistan like HTC, Q-Mobile, Nokia, LG, Motorola, and Google Pixel. Even after the US ban which apparently benefitted Oppo, Vivo, and Infinix mobiles in Pakistan but it launches its own App Gallery and will revive its fame soon. Huawei Nova 7i mobile is expected to the best mobile phone of 2020 after Vivo V19. Its Mate series compete with the Note series of Samsung but does not succeed as expected. Its Market Share in Pakistani Mobile market is 16.6% which comes after the Samsung.

Huawei best mobile

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4: Oppo

Oppo mobiles are still immerging in Pakistan. In 2019, its F-series and Reno series beat the class and make its great space with its eye-catching selfie camera features. Oppo captures youngsters and did good marketing. F-series and Reno are the bestselling series in Pakistan in 2019. Their selfie camera features make it called as Oppo the camera phone. It is constantly rising in Pakistan it may come to number 2 in 2022 if it continues like that. Oppo has the market share 12.48% which is the evidence of the rapid immerging mobile selling brand of Pakistan.

5: Vivo

Vivo brand is producing a vibrant mobile ecosystem. Although its cell phones are high in price their features captures the 10% percent of smartphone customers in Pakistan. Vivo mobiles have a strong fan base in Pakistan and India. Vivo V19 is the best mobile phone in the first six months of 2020. Vivo took the benefit of the US ban on Huawei and ranked the top 5 in the bestselling smartphone of Pakistan since August 2019.


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Note: The ranking of mobile brands are done by following these factors: Market share, Re-sell value, Best features and user ratings on internet.



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