Tello Talk

Tello Talk | 1st Messenger App developed by Pakistan

Tello talk is proudly developed by Pakistan. It is now getting famous day by day by touching the peak of 5.3 lac users in Pakistan. This application is only for Pakistanis and it’s all infrastructure is in Pakistan. Shahbaz Jamote is the owner of Tello talk. The Tello talk is launched in the beginning of 2017. It received almost $1.6 million funds by local & foreign investors by the end of the year 2019. It is also the Winner if Google Demo Cup 2019.

Tello Talk Features:

Tello talk empowers its users beyond messaging and audio/video call features. The app also includes some interesting features which make it called as “All in One”. The Explore section of Tello talk give following features to its users:

·         News Section: Different daily blog posts and newspapers keep people up to date.

·         Videos Section: Entertainment content.

·         Islamic: Help Muslims by giving prayer alerts, Teachings of Ayat-o-Hadith and live transmission of Makkah Mukarma.

·         Time Pass section: A section full of funny content and quotes.

·         Music: Mostly Pakistani and Hollywood songs collection.

·         Games: Exciting games for everyone.

·         Education: Educational assistance to students

·         Events: Notify users of upcoming events

·         Shopping: Collection of some grocery stores for online shopping.


·         Health: Corona health chatbot.


Tello Talk "All in one pack":

When all the exciting features are available in one application why to look for other apps. Secondly, we should be proud that this is the first app developed by Pakistan. It contains all the exciting features according to our needs. Tello talk is creating a healthy, constructive and friendly environment by connecting people nationally by removing all language barriers. It includes almost all the regional languages so don’t worry about language issues.

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Download Tello Talk:

You can download Tello talk directly from Google Play Store or Apple Gallery for free. 

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