PUBG Banned in Pakistan

Why PUBG is temporarily banned in Pakistan?

On 29th July, A citizen Faizan Maqsood filed a petition in Lahore High Court demanding a ban to be placed on popular Multiplayer Online Game “Players Underground Battle Game” due to its various adverse effects on Pakistani Youth.

Also, remember that Pakistan is not the first state to put a ban on PUB G. Recently Jordan, Iraq, Egypt, Nepal, India, and China placed a ban on PUB G.
Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) also has received many complaints by parents as this game is just the wastage of time, too much addictive and harmful for the physical and mental health of our young generation.
Punjab Police also reported to the court that they also received some cases of boys who commit suicide due to online game mission failure. 
According to media reports of 2019, There are more than 10 suicide incidents occurred in last year due to this online game.

Respected Lahore High Court (LHC) directed PTA to place a temporary ban on PUBG Mobile until the collection of suggestions from users through email. The next hearing date is 9th July and LHC gave PTA 1 week ultimatum to decide this matter and make a final decision rather PUBG will get permanent ban or not?.  

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PTA Tweet regarding ban on pubg

After the court decision to ban PUBG in Pakistan. There is an aggressive reaction from Pakistani youth on social media. Most of Pakistani youngsters make this game as a source of their earning. It is expected that some lawyers may file a review petition if pubg get permanent ban after 9th july Lahore High Court.


The youth is now directing towards COD ( Call of Duty) as it is almost similar to the Player Underground Battle Game. The people demanding to ban Tik Tok as it disrupts our society fabric and damaging Islamic values. So, there is a lot of challenges in the form of more demands and criticism that PTA will have to handle.

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