How to play PUBG after ban in Pakistan

How to Play PUBG MOBILE after it is BAN

PUBG mobile was temporarily banned by Pakistan Telecom Authority (PTA) on 1st July 2020. Whenever someone tries to enter a match it keeps on saying “Match Server timed out”. The reason was to decide whether it will be permanently banned or not by the court because of the two people that somewhat they said committed suicide because of PUBG mobile. Since then, everyone is against this action and now everyone wants to know how to still play this game while it is ban. So, let’s check out:

How to play PUBG using VPN:

  Both Mobile Players and emulator Players can still have access to the game using VPN. A VPN basically changes your IP address, so you are actually logging in from another country. With this technique you can access to play this game.

 Once you have entered the game, if you turn off the VPN your game will work normally but in the end, it will get stuck asking you to restart the game. And also, the VPN disturbs your PING (ms). Without this, you cannot enter a game.

·   WARNING: This Tip can get your ID BAN for at least 10 Years. If you are lucky you can play as long as you want but there are high risks of getting BAN, so be careful.

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How to Play PUBG using Mobile Networks:

  •  Mobile Players:

Nowadays, everyone has at least one sim or two in his phone, also they can access the internet through them that what they call MOBILE DATA. Every company like JAZZ, ZONG etc. provide its customers with fast 4G/4G LTE internet.  While PUBG mobile is temporarily banned, you can still play it on your SIM internet. This gives access to the matchmaking and entering the match.

The game works normally by this tip but still there is a draw back. Playing on the Mobile data increases the battery consumption and also it heats up your phone, so the game performance also lowers a bit. If you have a good device like iPhone 11 Pro or XR then this will not be that much of a problem. 

·      Emulator Players:

The same trick is for the Emulator players. For this they can turn on the Mobile Hotspot option from their phone and then connecting the Wi-Fi of their PC or Laptop to the Network. The game works smoothly by using this technique.


 NOTE: There is no chance of getting your ID ban by using this tip.

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