5 Dangerous Apps

5 Mobile Applications you should never install

5 mobile applications you should never install or download because it may leak your privacy, slow down your device, or track your data by showing ads. Here the list of these apps

1: UC Browser:

If you installed UC Browser on your mobile then you are in
trouble. UC browser tracks your daily activities and uses it for commercial
purpose. It sends your daily activities to Alibaba.com like sites and they show relevant
ads of their products by analyzing your daily interests through your
activities. The multiple ads create more cache in your memory slows down your
phone and you will be exhaust by too many ads.

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Track activities

2: Anti-Virus Apps

There is no need to install any kind of anti-virus application on your mobile phone because with the advancement of the laptops and mobile phones, they are equipped with their own built-in defender which are enough to prevent your device from any kind of malware or risk. Some of the apps are developed by hackers so that they can track your important details. Therefore, it is recommended to install only those anti-virus developed by renowned developers.


3: Speed Boosting Apps:

Some of the mobile users think that by installing clean master like apps they can be able to boost their devices. But the fact is these applications only delete cache which you can delete by own by going through applications properties. The apps like clean master instead of boosting your device, it slows down your device by capturing more space in memory and show ads for their personal interest.

Clean Master

4: Wi-Fi speed boosting apps

There are some applications like wifi free password, free internet, internet speed booster, etc. in play store. These apps are a useless and total fraud. They just get access to your device and track your all information and there is a chance of misuse of your information. It is highly recommended to don’t try these applications.

Fake Internet Speed test

5: Spam Games:

Sometimes you install many games but you get stuck in multiple advertisements suddenly appear on your display screen. These ads disturb your device performance and may cause many problems. Do not install such games which cause these problems. Never install every application without going through app reviews and ratings. 


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spam apps

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