Make your phone fast by following these tips

10 tips to keep your Android Smartphone Faster

How to make android smartphone fast

1: Keep your OS up to date

   Do install the latest version whenever old one version is outdated. The latest version installation keeps away the bugs from the previous version and brings new fixes that help to optimize your phone. It removes outdated features and makes the user experience better.

OS update

2: Stop apps running in the background

Clear unused apps running in the background. This step free up your RAM and processor, saves your battery from draining rapidly, and  gives you quick fluid performance on other active apps.

Apps in background

3: Clearing Cached Data

Cached data are basically junk files which consume more storage space of your smartphone. The presence of cached data hampers your device performance. Clearing cached data free up your storage space, improve data processing speed and enhance the speed, and performance of the device.

4: Disable or Uninstall unused apps

Smartphones come with some built-in applications. Some of the
apps may not be useful for the user. Go to settings > Applications a list of
apps appeared on your device. Disable or Uninstall those apps which you think are
not in use and make your storage space more free.


5: Disable notifications of un-important apps:

Excessive notifications make your phone laggish. It is recommended that users should disable notifications of those apps which he thinks is not very important. This process saves your phone from a slow start and makes it non-laggish.


6: Clean up the home screen

Add fewer apps on your home screen and clean away any unused icons and limit your widgets to essentials. This will enhance your smartphone performance.

Home Screen

7: Stop using Anti-Virus apps

Some experts suggest the users to don’t install any type of anti-virus or third-party auto cleaner because today’s smartphones come with the built-in device maintenance software which are enough to keep your device healthy.

8: Installing lite versions of apps

It is recommended to install the lite versions of the application(if available) e.g Lite versions of Pubg, Facebook and Uber etc. because it saves your too much storage space and put less load on RAM which makes the user experience better.

Messanger Lite

9: Stop installing advertisement apps

Users should not install those apps which display many ads. Because ads affect the device performance and smartphone starts lagging. Ads displaying applications make your apps slower and increases cached data therefore, it is recommended for users not to install these advertisements applications.

10: Factory Reset

Doing a factory reset is a drastic step also called as smartphone renewable process. This step deletes all the data and hidden junk files. Experts recommend to do a factory reset once in 6 month’s period to tip-top your smartphone performance. But you should back-up your data before factory reset to avoid valuable data loss.

Factory Reset

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